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Fishery Rules

  • No Braided Mainline
  • Barbless hooks only
  • 10lb minimum line
  • No plastic, foam & cork baits
  • Fully prepared tiger nuts only from reputable supplier – no other nut based products.
  • Fully prepared particle in moderation
  • Nets, slings and Mats must be dry before coming onto site
  • Close gates to be kept closed and shut immediately behind you
  • No litter to be left on site
  • Only use the dedicated toilet facilities provided
  • Fishing from dedicated pegs only
  • 3 Rods Maximum
  • No rods to be left unattended
  • Bivvys only – no tents.
  • Minimum 42” landing nets
  • Large cradles and beanie unhooking mats required
  • No fixed rigs – Bailiffs will inspect rigs periodically
  • Carp sacks are not permitted
  • Retainer slings not permitted unless by prior agreement
  • Fish should be returned to the water at the earliest opportunity
  • Under 18’s should be supervised by an adult
  • All anglers required to carry and use antiseptic/kiln-ik when required
  • Barbless trebles allowed only when pike fishing.
  • Bait boats allowed if not interfering with others – please use common sense
  • All children to be kept away from the water unless under the close observation of their parent/guardian.
  • Paddle Boats are provided to allow the untangling of fish/rigs if required. Lifejackets are strictly mandatory and the use of the boats is entirely optional. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact a member of DS Fisheries for help.
  • Swimming is forbidden
  • All vehicles to remain on gravel tracks/designated parking areas only
  • Valid rod licenses required at all times.


Dorset Springs or its owners does not accept any liability for injury, accident/s or death whilst participating in activities on site. The waters are unmanned most of the time and trained lifeguards are not present.

All persons attending the site do so at their own risk.

Any persons breaking the above rules or disrespecting the site in general maybe asked to leave the site and their membership will be revoked.

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